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Software Engineering Institute at Peking University (PKU-SEI) provides a variety of career opportunities, based on Peking University's employment system.

  • Tenure-track faculty: Tenure-track faculty members are the core members for research and teaching. Tenure-track faculty has three ranks: assistant, associate, and full, where assistant professors are usually not tenured and full professors are usually tenured. Excellent members in the tenure-track system could also apply for Boya titles, including Boya Young Scholars (for assistant professors), Boya Distinguished Professors and Boya Chair Professors (for full professors). All tenure-track members teach courses, advise Ph.D. and master students, and conduct research. PKU-SEI is consistently seeking for excellent faculty members and tenure-track positions are usually open all the time.

  • Research faculty: Research faculty members are responsible for conducting research and do not have to teach. Research faculty has three ranks: assistant, associate, and full research professors. All research faculty members conduct research and help tenure-track professors advise graduate students.

  • Teaching faculty: Teaching faculty members are responsible for teaching and do not have to conduct research. Teaching faculty has three ranks: assistant, associate, and full teaching professors. All teaching faculty members teach courses and play roles in other activities related to teaching.

  • Postdoctoral fellows: Postdoctoral fellows work under the supervision of a faculty member to conduct research. Excellent members could apply for the Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship.

  • Staff: Staff members support the faculty members in a variety of aspects such as administration and finance.


Compared to other top research groups in the world, PKU-SEI is unique in the following aspects.

  • Aiming for big. PKU-SEI encourages professors to pursue big impacts, either by original research results that lead the world's research community, or by solving critical domestic problems that help the development of the country. PKU-SEI does not encourage the professors to pursue the number of papers or the number of papers in top conferences/journals, and will not evaluate professors based on those.

  • Excellent Students. Peking University is consistently considered as one of the top 2 universities in China, and the admission is extremely selective: only 0.03% of high school graduates are able to enter Peking University. The faculty are expected to work with top minds in the world.

  • Working in groups. PKU-SEI encourages professors to collaborate. In PKU-SEI, the graduate students are organized into groups by research direction, and in each group there are usually multiple professors to advise the students. Many professors also conduct research in more than one group. In this way, expertise and best practice spread quickly among professors.

  • Family atmosphere. PKU-SEI is like a big family. Faculty members help each other a lot. Junior faculty members often get advice from senior members in all aspects of career development including setting a research plan, mentoring students, funding, and planning for career awards.

Working Language

Peking University welcomes professors to teach courses in English and students at Peking University usually have excellent English communication skills. Speaking Chinese is a plus but not a must for working at Peking University. Peking University has an already large and growing group of faculty members who do not speak Chinese. You are very welcome to apply no matter whether you speak Chinese or English.

Open positions

The following list gives currently opening positions.


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