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PKU-Huawei Joint Lab

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PKU-Huawei ( joint lab targets at improving the effectiveness of high-quality software development through coordination, and has produced series of work (e.g., aiXcoder, LeakFix, and refactoring-aware software merging tool), which has been developed during coordination and adopted in Huawei accordingly.

Selected Joint Collaborations:

  • ¨ A refactoring-aware software merging algorithm has been developed jointly by a team led by PKU-SEI members Wei Zhang, Haiyan Zhao, and Zhi Jin and collaborators at Huawei. The software merging algorithm has been used by Huawei in its collective software development practice. This algorithm can reduce more than half of the merge conflicts reported by GitMerge in those refactoring-involved merge scenarios without sacrificing the auto-merging precision and recall, contributing to a higher efficiency of software development. This algorithm has been integrated into Huawei's core software merge tool in September 2019, and now is directly serving various software projects in Huawei, including the EMUI Android OS project. The refactoring-aware software merging algorithm is described in an OOSPLA 2019 paper.  

  • ¨ A memory leak fixing approach/system have been developed by a team led by PKU-SEI members Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang, Bing Xie, Hong Mei. The system has been used by Huawei in its testing environment. The system has processed more than 5 million lines of code, and precisely identified and repaired multiple memory leaks. Currently the system is being integrated into Huawei's core static analysis tool, and will be used the whole R&D department of Huawei. The memory leak fixing approach/system is described in an ICSE 2015 paper.

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