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PKU-Baidu Joint Lab

Date: 2018-06-29   Click:

Pku-Baidu (URL: joint Lab targets at improving the efficiency of software development and produced series of coordination (e.g., PTP), which has been adopted in Baidu.

Selected Joint Collaborations:

  • ¨ A predictive test prioritization approach has been developed by developed by a team led by PKU-SEI members Dan Hao, Lu Zhang and collaborator at Baidu. This approach has been implemented in the product line of Baidu Inc. (including the PheonixNest System) and has been evaluated to improve the testing performance over 50%. Due to the performance of this approach, the software quality assurance apartment has changed the software testing process accordingly by integrating this approach. The predictive test prioritization approach is described in an FSE 2018 paper.

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