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Resource Management Technology and Platform for Cloud-Client-Convergence Systems

Date: 2020-03-07   Click:

Cloud computing and big data have spawned the third wave of informatization. Applications have begun to present the characteristics of cloud-client convergence, which is service-oriented, cloud-aware, client-fusion, and data-driven. The interconnection of information systems and management of software, hardware and data resources, i.e., the interoperability technology, has become the core technology of system software for cloud computing and big data.

Based on long-term basic research on the Internetware operating system, this achievement has invented a client-driven software-architecture reflection method and interface generation technology, a cloud-service-based interface runtime mechanism and optimization technology, and a model-driven software-defined resource management method and framework for cloud-client convergence systems.

This achievement developed a cloud-client-convergence resource management platform, YanCloud, which can automatically generate interoperable interfaces of information silos. The generation has no need of the source code and documentation of the target system, no instrumentation of the background database and server, following the existing access and security mechanisms. Therefore, it can realize the large-scale management of software, hardware, and data resources of information silos, overturning the traditional secondary development approach, and achieving the interoperability of information silos with high efficiency, high quality, low cost, and low risk.

This achievement has formed a system software independent intellectual property rights system with software copyrights and national invention patents as the main body. It obtained a patent license fee of 95 million yuan, creating a cash record for patent transfer of universities in the information field in China. It has been transformed into commercial products and solutions of cloud computing and big data for dozens of companies such as Digital China, Inspur, Lenovo, China Electronics Technology, etc. In the last two years, this achievement has been applied to support the interoperability of more than 2,000 information silo systems from more than 30 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Guizhou, covering many areas of industries such as judicature, education, agriculture, communications, energy, power, and transportation. It has supported many national strategies in the area of cloud computing and big data, of which the core is to open and share the government data, improving the basic software technical level and capabilities of information industry in China.

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