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Internetware Development Theory and Method Based on Open-Source Ecosystems

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Duration: 2015--2019

Abstract: With advances of the information technology, computing is becoming to enter a space integrating humans, computers, and physical objects, i.e., the synergy of human society, cyberspace, and physical world. With the support of recent emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and Internet of things, this way of computing is becoming a new trend for personalized applications. Such applications demonstrate the openness and dynamics of the application environment, the ubiquitousness and sociality of users, and the diversity and variety of the application requirements.

From the perspective of software technology, such applications demand a software paradigm that can satisfy users with continuously sensing the changes of environment and requirements. For the corresponding development methodology, it requires the capability of constructing quality software in a rapid manner to meet the diversity and variety of requirements. For the corresponding quality insurance methodology, it requires the capability of dealing with quality issues of dependability and security besides correctness. For the ecosystems of such software systems, it requires the development, maintenance and evolution of software to be within open source ecosystems, which are open, growing and collective intelligence powered. This gives a new challenge for the traditional software development methodology and technology, and also provides new opportunities for revolutionizing the software industry and enhancing its core competitiveness.

This project aims to investigate the Internetware development based on open-source ecosystems. The purpose, based on open source ecosystems, is for supporting the development of the application paradigm (in the form of Internetware) supported by the the synergy of human society, cyberspace, and physical world. The primary goal of this project is to break through the restriction of software paradigm, software development, trustworthiness insurance, and software ecosystems on software methodology. On application requirements, it aims to satisfy continuously changing requirements under the synergy of human society, cyberspace, and physical world. On software paradigm, it aims to support software that is situation-aware, self-adaptive, and collaborative with each other. On construction methodology, it aims to realize a software development process based on the cooperation of individual developers with collective intelligence. On quality insurance, it aims to realize progressive and situation-aware quality insurance based on both subjective and objective evidence.

The contributions of this project could be: 1) the principle and theory of open source ecosystems, 2) the collaborative development methodology for Internetware based on artifacts sharing, 3) the principle and theory for self-adaptation and evolution for Internetware, and 4) the whole lifecycle trustworthiness insurance for Internetware.

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