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Intelligent Software Development Method and Environment Based on Big Data

Date: 2020-03-07   Click:

Duration: 2016--2019

Abstract: This project focuses on key intelligent software development tools and technologies, such as collection and organization of software big data, aggregation and representation of software knowledge, intelligent development and service environment. Our goal is to establish a series of intelligent software development technologies based on software big data, research and development key intelligent software development tools, then formulate an intelligent software IDE integrated "man - tools – data", and build a smart cloud platform for software development. The research content of the project can be summarized into 7 aspects, which including 2 common technologies, 4 key technologies and 1 integration technology. The common technologies consist of (1) collection and organization of software big data, (2) aggregation and representation of software knowledge; The 4 key research technologies focus on the main activities of software development and developing corresponding intelligent development tools, we decompose that into (3) intelligent software construction, (4) intelligent test and verification, (5) intelligent cooperation and (6) intelligent operation and maintenance; Finally, we will do research on (7) integration technology so as to form a cloud platform for intelligent software development. It aims to integrate cloud software development service and software big data, build a public service platform and several enterprise development environments for intelligent software development. The research team of this project come from17 universities or enterprises, including Peking University, NanJing University, The Institute of Software in Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), BeiHang University, National University of Defense Technology, etc. In particular, there are 6 big software companies of China in our team, including Inspur Software, Zhongchuang Software, Neusoft, ect. Based on this team, we formulate an outstanding cooperative consortium of "industry-study-research". We continue to carry out in-depth technical research and close industrial practice cooperation in software development technology and supporting environment, resulting in good social and economic benefits.

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