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The 9th International Symposium on High Confidence Software

Date: 2019-12-16   Click:

From Dec. 14 to Dec. 15, 2019, the 9th International Symposium on High Confidence Software & 111 Project Annual Meeting & Annual Meeting of Key Lab. of High Confidence Software Technologies was held at Zhongguanyuan global village, Peking University. More than ten oversea experts attended this meeting, including Professor David Harel from Weizmann University of Technology, Professor Ruslan melyanskiy from Moscow State University, Professor Carlo Ghezzi from Politecnico di Milano, Professor Sumi Helal from Lancaster University,

Professor Ouri Wolfson from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor Getov Vladimir from the University of Westminster, Professor Aduris Mockus from the University of Tennessee, Professor Shinichi Honiden from the National Institute of Information Science, Professor Sorel Reisman from California State University, and Professor Mikio Aoyama from Nanshan University.

Professor Bing Xie, the vice president of the School of Electronics and Computer Science, Peking University, hosted the opening. Professor Mei, the director of the Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technology of the Ministry of Education of Peking University (abbreviated as the Key Lab), Professor Chang, the head of the 111 Project, and Professor Jin, the executive deputy director of the Key Lab made a welcome speech. Besides, Professor Mei reviewed the achievements of the Key Lab achieved in the past two years, appreciated the efforts of oversea experts, and showed his expectations. Professor Chang introduced the other six experts of the 111 project who participated in this seminar. Professor Jin introduced the organization and existing achievements of the Key Lab. All the oversea experts gave a talk or participated in the panel titled future of software engineering.

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