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Dr. Junjie Chen won 2019 CCF Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

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On Jan. 11, 2020, Dr. junjie Chen graduated from the Software Engineering institute in Peking University, won the CCF Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019. The award is awarded to the author of a doctoral dissertation that has made important breakthroughs in basic theory or basic research for application, or that has made important innovations in key technologies and applied technologies, in the field of computer science and technology in China. There are 10 doctors receiving this award in 2019 in China.

Dr. Junjie Chen is supervised by Prof. Bing Xie and received his doctorate in July, 2019. The title of his doctoral dissertation is Data-Driven Compiler Testing and Debugging. This doctoral dissertation proposes a series of data-driven compiler testing and debugging techniques to guarantee the quality of compilers (one of the most fundamental software systems), including the compiler testing acceleration technique, compiler duplicate bug identification technique, and compiler bug localization technique.

He is an Associate Professor in College of Intelligence and Computing in Tianjin University now. His research interest is Software Analysis and Testing. He won many awards in recent five years, including two ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in Peking University, Outstanding Graduate in Beijing, National Scholarship, etc.

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