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The first open source license in both Chinese and English was approved by OSI

Date: 2020-02-21   Click:

Mulan PSL v2 has been approved by the Board of Open Source Initiative (OSI) on February 14th 2020, which is classified in the "International licenses" category. The approval indicates that Mulan PSL v2 license has international generality and can be adopted by any international open source foundation or open source community to provide service for any open source project. Mulan PSL v2, as the first open source license in both Chinese and English approved by OSI, marks a breakthrough of China in the field of open source, which would greatly encourage the Chinese community and developers to participate in open source and contribute to the world. Mulan PSL v2 is developed jointly by a group of technical experts and legal experts led by PKU-SEI member Prof. Minghui Zhou.

Mulan PSL v2 is a further revision and improvement on the basis of Mulan PSL v1, which has been widely used in China open source community, more than 1,000 projects are licensed under Mulan PSL v1. For the sake of simplicity and understandability, Mulan PSL v2 was revised to provide use of use, and simplify the terms and optimize the expression to clarify the behavior constraints of both parties in the license.

The English version of the Mulan PSL v2 can be found near the bottom of

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