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Software Engineering Institute won the IEEE TCSE 2020 Annual Awards

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The IEEE Computer Society is the world’s largest professional organization devoted to computer science, and its IEEE TCSE (Software Engineering Technical Committee) is the spokesperson of software engineering in the Computer Society, and plays an important role for researchers and professionals in the international software engineering community. TCSE selects four major awards each year: Outstanding Service Award, Outstanding Education Award, Outstanding Synergy Award, and Outstanding Female Leadership Award in Science and Engineering. Two of the four major awards in 2020 were awarded to the Peking University Software Engineering Institute (Outstanding Synergy Award) and professor Tao Xie (Outstanding Service Award).

The TCSE Outstanding Synergy Award is awarded to an Outstanding and/or continuous contribution team that can become a model of industry-university-research cooperation in the software engineering community. This award was awarded to PKU-SEI in recognition of its high-industry influential research, as well as becoming a model for the software engineering community in industry-university-research cooperation. PKU-SEI collaborates with its spin-off companies and is widely adopted by transforming various software systems from research institutes to industry, with a huge impact. The cooperative relationship between PKU-SEI and industrial partners for joint R&D and technology transfer has also enabled PKU-SEI technologies and systems to be deployed and adopted in the industry.

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