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Professor Zhi Jin gave a keynote speech at the CCF 14th International Conference on Service Science

Date: 2021-05-17   Click:

Professor Zhi Jin is invited to give a keynote speech at the CCF 14th International Conference on Service Science (CCF ICSS 2021) on May 15, 2021. Her talk is entitled "Smart Space Service Modeling and Deploying: An Environment Modeling-based Perspective".

Smart spaces such as smart homes deliver digital services to optimize space use and enhance user experience. They are comprised of an Internet of Things (IoT), people, and physical content. They differ from traditional software services in that their cyber-physical nature ties intimately with the users and the built environment. On the one hand, it should be able to respond to on-demand service requests from the end users. On the other hand, ensuring smart space safety is critically important to successfully deliver intimate and convenient services surrounding our daily lives. Prof. Zhi Jin presents an environment-modeling based perspective on tackling these issues in this talk. Some explorations along this line will be also discussed. That gives a potential way for smart space service modeling and deploying.

International Conference on Service Science (ICSS) is an annual academic event initiated by IBM and directed by the Advisory and Steering Committee on Serviceology in China, and is also one of the top events of service science community in China.

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