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Prof. CHEN Xiangqun has been selected in the list of projects funded by the Ministry of Education's "Construction of Teaching Organization and Teaching Development System for University Teachers"

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On September 25th, the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education announced the list of approved research projects related to the construction of teaching organization and development system for university teachers. The project "Research on Classroom Structure Design Method Based on Blended Learning" led by Professor Chen Xiangqun from the School of Computer Science was approved after being recommended by the virtual teaching and research collaboration group under "101 Plan". The research team consists of teachers from five universities including Peking University, Wuhan University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and University of Electronic Science And Technology of China. Other members include Yao Guo, Xin Jin, Jingyue Jiang, Hong Song, Lidan Shou and Xiaorong Pu.

The "Research on Classroom Structure Design Method Based on Blended Learning" project focuses on the research of teaching and research methods system for university teachers, exploring classroom structure design and knowledge content arrangement under blended learning mode to enhance students' sense of participation in class and improve learning effectiveness. The project mainly includes three aspects of research: firstly, designing a set of classroom structures covering the main knowledge points of the "101 Plan" operating system course, excavating the essential knowledge connotation from a disciplinary perspective to construct the knowledge space of the operating system course; secondly, designing a set of interactive schemes for operating system classrooms, fully utilizing online resources and means during teaching process to broaden interaction forms, increase interaction frequency, improve interaction efficiency and strengthen interaction effects; thirdly, studying the current use status of classroom interactive platforms and problems that need to be solved in digital teaching transformation to promote core curriculum activities and roles in classroom teaching onlineization while proposing suggestions regarding tool selection during classroom activity implementation.

The "101 Plan" operating system virtual teaching and research group will continue to focus on undergraduate teaching research based on the exploration in the early stage of construction. Facing the need to build a strong education country and develop a digital education strategy, it will further study and construct the teaching organization and development system for university teachers, striving to build the virtual teaching and research room into a main position for promoting teacher training, improving teaching quality, constructing teaching resources, carrying out educational reform and other works.

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