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Intelligent and Integrated Software Interoperated Platform for Smart City

Date: 2020-03-07   Click:

Duration: 2017--2020

Abstract:  This project aims to solve the three major technical challenges: the urban software infrastructure interoperability, the urban knowledge aggregation, evolution, trustworthiness, and the mechanism discovery of urban operation and evolution. This project also aims to construct the intelligent integrated software interoperability platform for smart cities. This project implemented the breakthrough of island application interoperable interface generation and self-adaptation technology, completed the basic technology research on the semantic interoperability of multiple interoperable interfaces, implemented the interoperable interface generation tool prototype based on runtime software architecture reconstruction, and interoperable interface assembly tool prototype supporting the semantic collaboration. The knowledge model construction and evolution technologies in the area of smart cities are studied. It has implemented the automatic construction method of domain knowledge model for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources, and the entity alignment of the domain knowledge model that utilizes structure and attribute characteristics. This project also constructed multi-dimensional trusted evidence model and trusted attribute model, studied the methods of domain knowledge trustworthiness evaluation. It implemented multi-evidence comprehensive, knowledge life cycle included trustworthiness evaluation method for domain knowledge entities. Data-driven multi-scale portraits and intelligent fusion technologies for smart cities are studied, focusing on the three-dimensional structured description and visualization of urban spatio-temporal semantics, multi-view and multi-scale modeling and automated knowledge mining methods, cross-system temporal and spatial state propagation and resource scheduling. On the other hand, they have formed corresponding multi-scale portrait tools. The software interoperability and integration platform construction technology for the new smart city is studied, and the software interoperability and integration platform for the new smart city is completed. In the application demonstration, application promotion has been carried out in Hengshui, Cangzhou, Benxi, and Liaocheng. Intelligent and integrated city-level interoperability platforms have been established in these cities to form an ecological system for sustainable development of public data services.

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